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Bee Orchid at Camp Full Monte campsite Suppliers

We would like to thank the following suppliers for their unrivalled patience and support during the development of our campsite.

Mark Moodie - Solution Elements Ltd.
Sewage Systems guru and supplier of our compost toilets.

Nell Griffiths - The Green Building Store
All you need to know about green building products and supplier of waterless urinal system.

Mike Seeley - Winsund International Ltd.
Years of experience in the implementation of systems that harness natural energy.

Špela Vidic - Domsolar, Slovenia
Suppliers of the photo voltaic solar system we use to generate power for our compost toilet fans.

George Goudsmit - AES Solar Systems
Helped us design our solar thermal water heating system and supplied our panels.

Dunja Bulaji? - ISEA Group, Igalo, Montenegro
Supplier of our grease trap, the first important filter in our greywater recycling system.

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