Green Power

Image photo voltaic charge controller Photo Voltaic (PV) Solar Panel
A solar PV panel on our roof uses the sun to generate enough power to run 4 fans 24 hours a day, every day.  These fans sit in the stench pipes of our dry toilets and urinals, sucking air up and over the humus to keep it dry and ensure healthy, odour-free decomposition. A separate system powers our 12V L.E.D. lighting and mobile device charging points in the main building. Independant, decorative and motion-activated solar lighting in the grounds allow you to find your tent safely in the dark with minimal impact on enjoyment of the light pollution free skies. The milky way, constellations, planets, the moon and falling stars are regularly clearly visible at Camp Full Monte.

Solar Thermal Panelsimage solar thermal panelsThe sun’s energy heats solar fluid in our panels which rises by the process of thermo-convection to a hot water tank in the roof. Here the heat is exchanged to our hot water supply., the fluid cools and falls back down to the panels. Ingenious, no pumps, no electricity, no maintenance but we have 400L of water averaging 70 degrees C.