Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

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Camping at Camp Full Monte is all about reducing the impact of your holiday on the Montenegro environment. The dry toilets, waterless urinals, gravity- fed water and our grey water irrrigation systems at Camp Full Monte will all drastically reduce the amount of water you use on your holiday without compromising your enjoyment.

Re-use & Re-PurposeCollecting discarded baths, beer crates and palm leaves for re-use.
As you look around you'll begin to notice we are on a mission to re-use things that are routinely thrown away every day.  Glass cannot be re-cycled Montenegro so we re-used 100’s of green bottles to make bottle windows.  We re-used old railway sleepers to build fences, steps and raised gardens and spent weeks collecting palm leaves trimmed in the local towns (that would otherwise be burned) to use for screening. Building materials, ceramics, furniture, nik naks almost everything around you at Camp Full Monte has been re-used without compromising the aesthetic or functioning of the site.

All our kitchen and garden waste is composted on the campsite .  Our compost toilet chambers recycle "Humanure" into garden compost and organic fertilizer. Plastic bags are cut and plaited into "plarn" (plastic yarn) and used as rope or string.  All your cardboard, metal and plastic waste iwill be taken to the municipal recycling centre. Our greywater system allows us to re-cycle over 30,000 litres of water each year. Every shower you take is watering our organic gardens.

Come and be inspired by what can be achieved.