Eco holidays - Overview

Image - Organic gardens at Camp Full Monte.Interest in eco holidays, sustainable travel, eco tourism and the environment in general has risen significantly in recent years and some holiday providers in Montenegro are trying to meet that demand. There's no recognised certification or guidelines to conform to in Montenegro so what falls under the 'eco' label here can be very varied.

Image - Kitchen waste for worm compostHere at Camp Full Monte we don't just tweak a few things to tap into the demand for eco holidays - we live an eco lifestyle and are passionate about sharing it with others.  Browse through our Saving Water, Green Power & Reduce, Re-Use, Re-Cycle pages, look through our Eco Project Gallery or visit our blog to find out more about what we did and why.

Tailor-made eco holidays

We provide a unique holiday package for the green traveller.  You'll get an in-depth tour of our green systems plus informal talks & practical workshops on:

  • organic gardening - including composting techniques, organic fertilisers & companion planting
  • making your own eco cleaning & beauty products
  • reusing & recycling

We can also arrange excursions to local farms and restaurants to learn about:

  • making your own essential oils
  • the 'slow food' movement in the region
  • raw & vegan food

image - Camp Full Monte outdoor loungeDo as much or as little as you like - we're sure you will want time to explore the wild beauty Montenegro has to offer.  We can arrange hiking tours, gastronomy excursions, kayaking trips and much more to suit your needs.  Prices start from €275 per person which includes a 7-night stay in a Lodge tent with breakfast and 3 evening meals.  Excursions, tours & activities are optional extras.  Contact us for a tailor-made itinerary & full quote.



What is the eco experience really like?

It's all very well being 'green' but does it compromise style, comfort, facilities and enjoyment?  Definitely not at Camp Full Monte! Our guests rated the off-grid, eco aspect as one of the best things about their stay with us, second only to the friendly atmosphere.  Peace, quiet and closeness to nature also scored highly.

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